Website Services

The Process Is Simple And Effective

We work with you throughout the entire process of designing your site.   We provide continual feedback every step of the way and offer suggestions regarding the design, functionality and marketing ability of the site.

At Wynn Woods Solutions, we believe simplicity works.  We take the complications out of the development and design of your website.  Creating online solutions to your business needs should not be difficult to manage.   We also understand that just as businesses grow, so will your website.  With that idea in mind, every site we build is on a flexible platform so it can grow and change along with your business.

Website Design
We are committed to providing a full range of services for your site from content development to design services and of course getting your website online quickly!
Content Development

Selecting the right words to advertise your products and services creates the difference between selling yourself and selling your competitors.

Graphic Design
Here's a service not only for busines's looking for a website, but also for individual designers, and smaller design companies whose graphics skills may not be their strong point.
Translation Services
All translations are performed by writers as using the proper words in a flowing style is an important element of your business and website.

4 Easy Steps

STEP 1 : PLANNING   We meet with you to identify the goals of the website along with your target audience and use this to create a sitemap, which is like a blueprint of the site detailing types and number of pages.

STEP 2 : DESIGN   We create a professionally designed site for you and develop a working model of the homepage and a sub-page to give you a sense of the look and feel of the site.  These mock-ups are submitted for your review and any requested changes are completed within 24 hours.

STEP 3 : CODING   Coding is done using HTML and CSS.  Any JavaScript or Flash motion graphics are done at this phase, should they be requested or required.   All coding is done professionally according to World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards.  During this phase you will be provided a link to the site so you can follow its progress and make any on the spot revisions required. 

STEP 4 : QUALITY ASSURANCE   Our work is fully tested for quality assurance to include testing of the pages in various browsers, and at different resolutions. We take pride in taking care of getting the final product online and fully functional.  Our work is also guaranteed and should any problems arise, we will address them immediately.