Special Projects

Good Morning Buenos Aires (GMBA)

Good Morning Buenos Aires was conceived and created in late 2007 by Wynn Woods owner and CEO, Samuel Warde. GMBA is a news and information portal serving the needs of both the local and international communities of Buenos Aires. Promoted as YOUR place for living loving and laughing in Buenos Aires, the site has guides, a comprehensive services directory, News, restaurant guides, an events calendar forum & more!

At the moment we are in the process of transforming GMBA into a not-for-profit website to better serve the needs of the community while at the same time looking to expand the range of offerings through carefully selected collaboration within the community.

Blue Sky Group (BSG)
Blue Sky Group was recently created as an extension of the GMBA project. As a virtual and real world social networking group, our Blue Sky Group's goal is to support and encourage interaction among members of the local and international communities of Buenos Aires, travelers and adventurers, those looking to broaden their perspective and people “just out for a good time”. BSG hopes to achieve this in a social as well as business context, integrating those who have come from afar with those already here.

…good times, interesting people and handy information for today’s ever changing world in hopes of more effectively navigating and enjoying life’s many twists and turns….